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BA & BA Hons in Animation

Animation appears everywhere - as children's cartoons, advertisements, music videos, computer games, title sequences, special effects and as experimental and short films. There is no limit to the variety of materials and methods that can be used to make animated films. The creative possibilities in producing animation make it the ideal media for anyone who wants to see their ideas come vividly to life.

This is a creative animation course allowing you to experiment with a wide variety of techniques from drawn and cut out through plasticine and claymation to 3D computer animation before specialising in one particular area or technique in the later years of the programme.

Throughout the programme, you will study the history of animation, from the early Victorian toys such as the zoetrope through to the sophistication of today's animation blockbuster films and the current thriving animation scene in Ireland

Course facts

3 Years for level 7 Ordinary Degree
+1 Year for level 8 Honours Degree
Ideas/storytelling/scriptwriting are as important as technical skills
Digital animation, both 3D using Maya and 2D using Adobe After Effects and Flash
Develop your own unique visual style

Five great reasons to apply

  1. Course is a mixture of 80% practical and 20% theoretical modules allowing plenty of hands-on real world experience
  2. Industry links with studio visits and live projects with animation studios
  3. Use industry standard software such as Maya, After Effects and ToonBoom
  4. Learn the techniques and skills required to work in the Animation industry
  5. Lecturers who are practicing animators

Animation: What will I study?


BA in Animation:
What will I study? Year 1

BA in Animation: What will I study?
Year 1

In first year, the focus is on developing your key drawing and animation skills. You will learn the principles of animation as well as the basics of drawing, observation, photography, scriptwriting, storyboarding and film narrative.

The emphasis is on developing creativity and understanding of the animation process. You will try a number of techniques from simple flipbook drawn animation through to cut-out and plasticine / model animation.

Semester 1

Design Principles
The Design Process
Animation Basics
Communication Skills

Semester 2

Narrative & Visual Storytelling
Animation Principles
Drawing Studies
Animation History 1

Animation: What will I study?


BA in Animation:
What will I study? Year 2

BA in Animation:
What will I study? Year 2

Second year concentrates on developing your digital skills with 2D and 3D digital projects as well as making original short films . In semester four you will also choose to do either a 2 week Work Placement in an Animation studio, study how marketing is essential in building a business or take a course of Life Drawing to further develop your drawing and observation skills.

Semester 3

3D Digital Animation Essentials
2D Digital Animation Essentials
Drawing & Design
Animation History 2

Semester 4

3D Digital Animation
2D Digital Animation
Animation History 3

Life Drawing
Design & Marketing
Work Placement

Animation: What will I study?


BA in Animation:
What will I study? Year 3

BA in Animation:
What will I study? Year 3

In third year, you start to specialise in particular technique, be that 3D, drawn or computer animation. You will learn how to combine animation with live action film and special effects as well as working on industry projects with Animation studios. You will also produce an animated short film as well as preparing for life after college by preparing a portfolio website and learning about the business of animation.

Semester 5

Animation Production
Visual Effects Animation
Animation & Contemporary Culture

Semester 6

Animation Project
Professional Animation Practice
The Animation Business

Animation: What will I study?


BA & BA (hons) in Animation:
What will I study? Year 4

BA & BA (hons) in Animation:
What will I study? Year 4

In fourth year, you spend the majority of the year working on your graduation animated short film. You will develop the concept, animate and produce the film over the course of 4th Year. You will work on a number of industry projects with Animation studios or live project briefs. You will also write a dissertation on an area of animation practice or history.

Semester 7

Industry Project

Semester 8

Innovation & Creativity

Animation: What will I study?


BA in Animation:
Career Opportunities

BA in Animation:
Career opportunities

Current job opportunities are very good for graduates of this course. Animation is booming in Ireland, with Irish animation companies creating both TV animation series as well as feature length films.

Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells by Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny have both been nominated for Oscars. Much of the early morning cartoons on the BBC and Channel 5, as well as on the domestic channels were created by Irish animation studios.

Typical careers

Animation Production companies
Multimedia companies
Production and Post-production houses for Animation, Film and Television
Freelance independent work
Other industries such as Games.

Animation: What will I study?


BA in Animation:
How do I apply?

Applications are made through the CAO system.
Apply before Jan 20th - fee €20
1st Feb is the normal closing date - fee €40
1st May is the final closing date - online fee €50
22nd August - Round 1 offers

Minimum entry requirements

Applicants should have grade D3 or better in at least 5 subjects in the Leaving Certificate, including either Irish or English. Maths is not required.

Applicants must have either Leaving Certificate Art or Design Communication Graphics or equivalent or will be required to submit a portfolio of design related work.

For NI applicants, A level Art or Moving Image Arts are acceptable.

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Animation: How do I apply?