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Pg Dip / MA in User Experience & Applied Innovation

This course is designed to enhance learner capabilities in User Experience (UX) Design, Strategic Design Thinking Acumen, User Centred Clarity and Innovation. Graduates will gain knowledge of user experience design and innovation processes, visual communication skills, along with an insight into consumer behaviours and emerging technologies.

Course facts

The course is underpinned by an end user centred clarity. You will advance your skills in refined innovation processes, improve your visual communication skills, gain an insight into consumer behaviour & digital markets and explore emerging technologies. Typical applicants will include but are not limited to graduates from technical development and digital design backgrounds, current employees from the multinational and SME sectors in both technical and digital design capacity, plus unemployed graduates seeking to upskill.

Five great reasons to apply

  1. The course responds to ‘National Skills Strategy’ and demand from regional industry
  2. Blended learning educational model with face to face and online learning
  3. On campus hours to suit demands of working life (i.e. one day on campus)
  4. Individual and collaborative projects
  5. Engagement with industry and live projects.

UX: User Experience What is it?


PgDip & MA in User Experience:
What will I study? Year 1

PgDip & MA in User Experience:
What will I study? Year 1

Semester 1

User Experience Design - UX
Consumer Behaviour & Digital Markets
Innovation & New Product Development
Research Methods

Semester 2

User Interface Design - UI
Emerging Technologies
Professional Development
Work Based Learning Project

UX: User Experience: What will I study?


PgDip & MA in User Experience:
Career Opportunities

PgDip & MA in User Experience:
Career opportunities

This MA/PgDip course acts as a conversion course, teaching transferable and technical skills that will allow participants to upskill within their current employment, attain sustainable work placement/employment or embark on self-employment. Graduates will be employable in a variety of roles, for example; User Experience Design (UX), Strategic Design & Innovation lab roles, User Interface Design (UI), Design Innovation, Digital Design, Visual & Graphic Communication, User Centred Research, Interactive Design and Service Design.


Professor Martyn Evans, Professor of Design

Head of Manchester School of Art Research Centre

Demand for employees with expertise and skills in User Experience (UX) has grown exponentially in recent years and a tipping point has been reached where the tech sector is sufficiently aware of the value that these competencies can add which will continue to drive demand (c.f. Policy Framework for Design in Enterprise in Irelandand Skills Needs of The ICT & FinTech Sectors in the North West 2018). This is an extremely well-conceived programme. It has the potential to create graduates that are highly sought after by industry. With graduates that understand the complex nature of new product and service development, are able to determine user wants and needs (through a range of user-centred methods), while also possessing an awareness of technical requirements and constraints, the course will develop a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Lucia Fontes

UX Program Manager, Google London

The course looks fantastic. I want to go back to education and take this course! The Consumer Behaviour & Digital Markets module interests me, looking at ‘Why’ it is important to measure marketing efforts, getting to know your end users/consumers and measuring efforts to inform future plans. I also like the inclusion of a Professional Development module. We, at Google are very aware that diversity and inclusion is paramount and having an opportunity for self-reflection within the course adds unique value to the graduate. The User Experience and User Interface modules are strong and the inclusion of Emerging Technologies allows the course to keep pace with Industry. I looking forward to seeing some excellent creative user experiences.
Keep me posted!

Joe Dunleavy

VP Head of Innovation at Pramerica Services

We in Pramerica are very impressed with this brand new offering, the PgDip now available in LYIT. It will provide core learnings for those that sign up to the program. User Experience and UI that are becoming more and more important in delivering technical solutions for our parent company Prudential Financial, Inc. We have no doubt the availability of a quality program like this locally will play a critical role in our continued success in Pramerica. We were fortunate enough to partner with the team at LYIT to help provide our own thoughts on the content and we look forward to placing staff on the program over the next few years. It is a very well designed and rounded program.

UX: User Experience Career opportunities


PgDip & MA in User Experience:
How do I apply?

Applicants should hold a level 8 degree.
If you have sufficient relevant work experience, you are also eligible to apply.

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UX: User Experience How do I apply?