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BA and BA(hons) in Graphic & Digital Design

A graphic designer solves communication challenges through the design of logos / visual identities, apps, websites, user interfaces (UI), user experiences (UX), books, signage, illustrations, motion graphic animations. They primarily design for others, using the design process to firstly understand a client’s needs and intended audience. They generate ideas and bring them to life in exciting and memorable ways.

The Graphic and Digital Design programme develops graduates who combine critical and holistic thinking with the visual and technical design skills required for a successful career in an increasingly multi-disciplinary industry. As a consequence of technological advancement, the methods in which we share and consume information has fundamentally changed. Graduates entering industry today and tomorrow will need to be able to negotiate more diverse and complex communication challenges and to present across physical and digital platforms. The raising demand for motion and interactive design is reflected in our restructuring of learning objectives. Graduates are now equipped to seek employment in the areas of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.

At LYIT, our key objective is to ensure that our graduates will be able to analyse and understand diverse communication challenges and respond appropriately with, engaging well-crafted solutions.

Course facts

3 years full-time BA with an add-on one year Honours Degree
Work Placement in year 3
Wide range of job opportunities

Five great reasons to apply

  1. Regular opportunities to engage with 'real world' live briefs
  2. Regular opportunities to participate in national and international design competitions
  3. Workplace based learning in year 3
  4. Varied employment prospects
  5. Close relationship with tutors

Graphic & Digital Design: What is it?


Graphic & Digital Design: What will I study? Year 1

Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 1

We'll start with the fundamentals of design and the creative process. From there you will learn how to create, control and combine text and image in clear and interesting ways. We will show you how to design and build engaging websites.

A few of the things you will learn: stages of the design proces; design principles such as balance and dominance; creating hierarchies of information, colour theory, Adobe Creative Suite software, grid systems, web design and development, photography basics, writing skills and the history of design.

Semester 1

Graphic Design Fundamentals
Image Making Fundamentals
The Design Process
Communication Skills

Semester 2

Graphic Design — Layout
Image Making — Moving Image
Web Design 1 — Process
Design History

Graphic & Digital Design: What will I study?


Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 2

Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 2

Second year is all about the more practical applications of design. Semester 3 will concentrate on Brands and Brand applications with the associated theory. We'll learn to create images through illustration, construction and photography.

In semester 4 we'll experiment with spatial design (design for 3d spaces and objects) and motion graphics. We'll develop your web design skills, adding animation and other transitions to your designs. We'll also learn about marketing and how to choose and exploit media channels to promote your clients' message, product or service.

Semester 3

Graphic Design — Identity
Image Making — for Communication
Web Design 2 — Information Architecture
Theory — 20th C Graphic Design 1

Semester 4

Spatial Graphic Design
Web Design 3 — Grid & Type Online
Theory — 20th C Graphic Design 2
Design and Marketing

Graphic & Digital Design: What will I study?


Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 3

Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 3

In semester 5 we concentrate on advertising, both in the traditional space of print and also across the diverse media channels including web, social media and TV/film. We will further develop your imagemaking skills through photography and other visual media.
We will also show you how to make fully responsive websites; that is, websites which respond to the kind of device they are displayed on — desktop, tablet or phone.

Semester 6 offers the option of either a work placement for 12 weeks, or foreign study in one of our European partner intitutions through the Erasmus programme. Erasmus is funded which means that a grant is available to cover travel and subsistence while abroad.

Semester 5

Visual Comm — Advertising
Image Making in Advertising
Web Design 4 — Responsive Design
Theory — Advertising & Branding

Semester 6

Professional Design Practice
Work placement
Erasmus foreign study option

Graphic & Digital Design: What will I study?


Graphic & Digital Design:
What will I study? Year 4

The final year is all about professionalism. We will compete in International design competitions such as D&AD, ISTD, RSA and YCN. These offer exciting briefs and an opportunity to get international exposure.

Semester 7

Design, Image, Motion
Business of Graphic Design
Contemporary Design Theory

Semester 8

Design Project
Personal Promotion
Innovation and Creativity

Graphic & Digital Design: What will I study?


Graphic & Digital Design:
Career Opportunities

Graphic & Digital Design:
Career opportunities

Our course equips our graduates with the skillsets for a wide variety of careers. While the traditional employment path of the print industry is in decline, this is more than offset by the rapid increase in digital and screen based jobs.

Typical careers include Brand design, Publication design, Packaging design, Exhibition design, Web design, App design, User interface and User experience design.
Take a look at some of our graduates titles.

Mark Swain

Senior Director in UI
UX Guy (Global)

Kieran Nolan

Programme director
Media Arts & Technologies,
Dundalk IT

Eimear Carragher

Senior Media Production Specialist

Nicola Duffy

Lecturer in Digital Media
IT Blanchardstown

Christopher Curran

Digital Creatures

Anna K Wright

Motion Graphics Artist

Graphic & Digital Design: Career Opportunities


Graphic & Digital Design:
How do I apply?

Applications are made through the CAO system.
Apply before Jan 20th - fee €20
1st Feb is the normal closing date - fee €40
1st May is the final closing date - online fee €50
22nd August - Round 1 offers

Minimum entry requirements

Applicants should have 6 Leaving Certificate Subjects with a minimum of Grade C3 in at least two higher-level papers and a minimum of grade D3 in the remaining papers, one of which must be English or Irish.

Applicants must have either Leaving Certificate Art or Design Communication Graphics or equivalent or will be required to submit a portfolio of design related work.

For NI applicants, A level Art or Moving Image Arts are acceptable.

For more information, please click here

Graphic & Digital Design: How do I apply?